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2023-2024 Panola College Catalog 
2023-2024 Panola College Catalog

Student Services

Vice President of Student Services

Don Clinton
Charles C. Matthews Foundation Student Center
Carthage, Texas 75633
(903) 693-2055

Administrative Staff

  • Katy Chance - Student Life Coordinator
  • Leslie Edelen - Academic Advisor/Veteran Affairs Certifying Official
  • Katie Ferris - Recruiter/Advisor
  • Stacy Gee - Academic Advisor/Testing Coordinator/International Student Coordinator/Disability Support Services Coordinator
  • Jody Harris - Director of Admissions/Registrar
  • Kaycee McKnight - Administrative Assistant to Vice President of Student Services
  • Angie Musgrove - Director of Dual Enrollment
  • Danita Sampson - Advisor/Testing & Disability Services Associate Coordinator
  • Rachel Weekly - Academic Advisor

Mission Statement

The Student Success Center is located in the Charles C. Matthews Foundation Student Center on the main Panola College campus in Carthage. The mission of the Student Success Center personnel is: to provide outstanding service to students and staff with an easily-accessible, one-stop center for student services; to assist students with setting and reaching academic and career goals; and ultimately to assist students in reaching their full potential. Services that are offered in the Student Success Center include: Admissions, Advisement (Academic, Career and Technical), Disability Services, GED Testing, International Student Services, Assessment Testing, Records, Recruiting, Residence Life, Student Life, Tutoring and Veterans Services. Please let us know how we may serve you. We are committed to YOUR success.

Academic Advising

For academic advising and registration, students must make an appointment with the assigned advisor in the Student Success Center. Advisors also provide information about fields of study, transfer school options and referral information, when requested.

All first-time students are strongly encouraged to complete the online orientation. Upon completion, students are required to make an appointment with an advisor to complete the registration process.

Career & Technical Academic Advising

Panola College career and technical programs (CTE) have a formal advising process designed to keep students on track in the curriculum and help them resolve any problems they encounter. Once a student formally enters a CTE program, they are assigned a faculty advisor and are required to meet with their advisor each semester prior to registration. CTE programs include: Nursing and other related Health Sciences, General Business, Computer Sciences, School of Energy, Cosmetology, and Welding.

All first-time students are strongly encouraged to complete the online registration.

Bulletin Boards/Digital Signage

Students are responsible for reading the campus bulletin boards, flat-panel television screens, outdoor marquee, and student email on a regular basis for announcements. Prior to its being posted, advertising not associated with college business must be approved by the Student Life Coordinator.

Campus Police/Security

The campus police force is composed of certified law enforcement officers who have the power to enforce all Texas laws and College regulations on the property owned or operated under the direction of Panola College. An officer and/or additional staff members are on duty on a 24-hour basis. The force serves the staff and students by helping to maintain the safety and security of each person and their possessions while on campus.


Each student is given a campus email address when admitted to Panola College. All correspondence after admission will be through email. It is the student’s responsibility to activate and monitor their email.

Health Services

Health care facilities are not offered on the main campus or on off-campus sites. If an accident or emergency occurs on campus, first aid will be administered, and additional assistance, if needed, will be requested from the local hospital’s emergency service. The cost of any professional service is the responsibility of the student. Students are encouraged to have medical insurance coverage from a company of their own choosing. Information concerning a sickness and accident insurance policy available to students and their dependents is available. Inquire in the Business Office.

Panola College offers telemedicine through DialCare Mental Wellness for students. This unique program offers an app-based interface, connecting members with counselors over the phone and also via video chat. Please visit the Panola College website for more information:

HIV/AIDS and Other Communicable Diseases

Panola College recognizes that students or employees with communicable diseases, including HIV infection, may wish to engage in as many of their normal pursuits as their condition and ability to perform their duties allow. These pursuits include attending classes or work. As long as these students or employees are able to meet acceptable performance standards, and medical evidence indicates that their conditions are not a threat to themselves or others, the administrators, faculty and staff should be sensitive to their condition and ensure that these individuals are treated consistently and equally with other students and employees. At the same time, Panola College has an obligation to provide a safe environment for all students and employees. A student or employee with a communicable disease should report the condition to the Vice President of Student Services or to his/her immediate supervisor as appropriate. The educational pamphlet on HIV infection developed by the Texas Department of Health is distributed to all employees and is available to students requesting a copy. Every precaution should be taken to ensure that a student’s or employee’s condition does not present a health or safety threat to others. The fact that a student or employee has a communicable disease does not relieve that individual of the requirement to comply with performance standards as long as he/she is enrolled in classes or remains employed with the College. All efforts will be made to protect the student’s or employee’s right to confidentiality.

Student Identification (ID) Cards

It is required that all Panola College students obtain and carry a Panola College Student Identification Card.

A Panola College student ID card can be used in the cafeteria, library, gymnasium, auditorium, fitness center, and with participating merchants for student discounts. Students also receive complimentary admission to Panola College regular season home athletic games with their Panola College student ID card.

The Panola College student ID card is the official ID for Academic testing (online and on-campus). 

Panola College and Herring Bank have teamed up to offer you the College Green Debit Card. Financial Aid Refunds may be set up through the Herring Bank/College Green Debit Card through the student’s CampusConnect Account.

For information on how to obtain your Panola student ID card or the College Green Debit Card, call the Student Services Office at 903-693-2000 or visit the second floor of the Charles C. Matthews Foundation Student Center. Students may also obtain a Panola student ID card at the Marshall College Center and the Shelby Regional Training Center.

For more information, please visit the Panola College website:

Inclement Weather Policy

Panola College has scheduled its instructional program to comply with the Common Calendar of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, as well as to meet instructional requirements for awarding credit hours earned. College instructors are obligated to meet all scheduled classes. If severe weather makes it necessary to cancel classes, the College Administration will notify students through text messaging, email and local television and radio stations. If classes are canceled by the College President, all work is delayed until the next class meeting or until a date determined by the instructor. If a student is in an area which experiences severe weather and the College has not officially closed, it is that student’s responsibility to decide whether or not to attend class. The student must then contact the instructor for information concerning the make-up of work missed.

Pony Alerts is a campus alert system used to notify students, faculty, and staff of situations on, or near, campus that they should be aware of, such as severe weather, crime alerts, or active emergency situations.

For more information about Pony Alerts and to sign up, please visit the Panola College website:

Job Placement Services

Panola College attempts to assist students in job placement. Interest assessment, investigating career options and access to occupational information are provided on the College website. Job opportunities (on campus and off campus) are posted regularly on designated College bulletin boards, online through the career services page. Directors of career programs provide placement information to graduates of these programs. Finding employment is ultimately the student’s responsibility.

Motor Vehicle Registration

Any student, faculty member, or employee who operates or parks one or more vehicles on campus must register each vehicle and hang a parking permit from the rearview mirror. Permits are issued in the Student Success Center office.

Services for Students with Disabilities

Reasonable accommodations and support services for students with disabilities will be provided upon request. Requests must be submitted in writing with appropriate documentation to the Disability Support Services Coordinator. Students seeking help should meet with the Disability Support Services Coordinator whose office is located in the Student Success Center. For more information, visit

Student Handbook

The Pathfinder is available to acquaint students with information relative to the rules and regulations of Panola College.

Student Orientation

All first-time students are strongly encouraged to complete the online student orientation. Orientation helps students maximize their chances for success at Panola College by providing important information about student resources, registration, academic advisement, financial aid, residence life, student activities, and other student support services.

Student Right to Know

In compliance with the Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act of 1990, Panola College compiles specific information on campus crime statistics, campus security policies, and graduation rates. Panola College’s police/security force compiles and distributes a brochure of pertinent information to students and employees on an annual basis. Federal law also requires that all institutions of higher education disclose graduation rates, on request, to students, applicants and potential students. More information can be found at

Substance Abuse Policy

The College has a formal policy which forbids illegal drugs and alcohol on campus. No illegal drugs or alcoholic beverages are allowed on campus. Any student possessing such chemicals may be suspended from the College.

Testing and Assessment

Panola College offers a variety of testing and assessment services. The College is a designated test center for the ACT (American College Testing Program) which may be taken on the Carthage campus in February, April, and October. The GED (General Educational Development) Test is given regularly in Carthage and Center. The TSI test is offered daily (Monday-Thursday) at the Carthage campus and periodically at the Marshall and Center campuses as well as at area high schools. Individuals wishing to enroll in any of Panola College’s academic or career/technical programs must provide acceptable assessment test scores prior to enrolling. The HESI (Health Education Systems, Inc.) test and the WorkKeys test are both administered at the Carthage and Center campuses. The HESI test is the nursing admission test required for Vocational Nursing applicants and Associate Degree Nursing applicants. The WorkKeys test is required for Cosmetology applicants and is also used for assessing workforce skills for job applicants at the request of potential employers. For more information, visit

Tobacco Use Policy

The College District is a tobacco-free institution committed to providing its students and employees a safe and healthy environment. The use of all tobacco products and any electronic smoking or vapor emitting device shall be prohibited on all property owned or operated by the College District. This shall include buildings, grounds, sidewalks, and streets. This policy shall also apply to vehicles owned or operated by the College District. Notice of this tobacco-free policy shall be displayed at all College District locations.

Residence Halls

Panola College has five residence halls capable of housing a total of 249 students. Student housing is available during regular, and mini semesters. Meal plans are provided to students living in residence halls only during the fall and spring semesters. Meals are served in the Charles C. Matthews Foundation Student Center dining hall. No meals are provided when the residence halls are closed. For details on each type of housing go to

Room reservations are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. Before a reservation is considered complete, the Residence Hall Application, proof of medical insurance/medical coverage waiver and proof of the bacterial meningitis vaccination must be received by the Residence Life Coordinator. The application can be accessed at

In case of an unavoidable delay, a student should contact the Residence Life Coordinator prior to move-in for permission for a late arrival. Payment for room and meals will be made in full at the time of registration. The amounts are subject to change. Contact the Business Office to make payment arrangements for room and meals.

Only the College may grant residence hall space. All residents must enroll in and maintain a student-hour load of at least twelve (12) semester hours.

All residents will be responsible for the information outlined in the Panola College General Catalog, The Pathfinder (the student handbook) and the Residence Life Handbook.

All residence hall students are required to have the bacterial meningitis immunization at least 10 days prior to moving into the residence halls. No exceptions will be granted.

All students are encouraged to have the following immunizations or screening tests completed prior to admission: measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, polio, varicella (chicken pox), hepatitis B, and tuberculosis skin test. Applicants who are accepted into the Nursing and Occupational Therapy Assistant programs are required to complete a medical form and will be required to have updated immunizations as specified by the particular department.

Clubs and Organizations

Student organizations are designed to aid in developing the social and vocational skills of individuals. Organizations are chartered by the Student Government Association and operate with the advice of faculty and administrators.

Baptist Student Ministries

This organization is open to all students. The BSM sponsors Bible studies, devotional programs and social events throughout the school year. Every Wednesday, during the fall and spring semesters, the BSM sponsors a free lunch, hosted by area churches and served in the Baptist Student Center across from the campus.

Caddo Club

Students interested in outdoor recreation, ecology, and the historical and current impact of man on the environment will find a variety of opportunities in this organization. Guest speakers, field trips, camp outs and recycling projects are among the activities enjoyed by members of this club.
Sponsors: Becky Gullette (, Darrell Hudson (, Sheila Ritter (


Membership in the Chorale is open to all Panola College students upon approval of the director. The Chorale presents fall, Christmas, and spring concerts, attends choral festivals, visits area schools, and goes on tour.
Sponsor: Sandra Bauer (

Concert Band

The main band of the college gives players an enjoyable and enlightening playing experience. It performs a wide range of music from popular selections to more advanced works for concert band, presents concerts on campus, plays for athletic events and at area functions. Membership in the Concert Band is open to all Panola College students upon approval of the director.
Sponsor: Dwaine Hubbard (

Delta Psi Omega

This organization is devoted to an interest in drama and is open to all students who are active in drama or dramatic productions.

Gaming Club

The Gaming Club exists to provide a community where the gamers of Panola College can congregate. The club owns and utilizes a wide range of gaming consoles and games.
Sponsor: Texas Reardon (

Green Jackets

This group is the oldest organization on campus and has a long history of service to the College and community. Membership comes through nomination by faculty and through a rigid selection process. The outstanding men and women of this student organization serve as goodwill ambassadors for the College, providing both leadership and service.
Sponsors: Katie Ferris (

History Club

The History Club promotes interest in the study of history and historical events, provides fellowship among students and faculty, and provides a forum for discussion and presentation of innovative ideas with respect to the subject of history.
Sponsor: Bill Offer (

The National Society of Leadership and Success (Sigma Alpha Pi)

The National Society of Leadership and Success, Sigma Alpha Pi, is the largest collegiate leadership honor society in the United States with over 500 chapters and more than half a million members nationwide.
Sponsor: Corey Johnson (

Panola Pipers

This small choir performs fully staged, choreographed shows. Widely acclaimed for exciting routines, they perform for service clubs, hospitals, and schools and are featured annually at the Texas State Fair. Their dinner theater production, “Christmas in Carthage,” has become an outstanding community event. Membership in the Panola Pipers is open to all Panola College students upon approval of the director.
Sponsor: Sandra Bauer (

Phi Beta Lambda

The purpose of Phi Beta Lambda is to provide an organization on campus for business students that develop leadership, communication, and teamwork.
Sponsor: Dwayne Ferguson (

Phi Theta Kappa

This international honor fraternity recognizes junior and community college students who have attained high scholastic achievements. Membership is by invitations to those who qualify. Learning, society, and service activities are scheduled throughout the year.
Sponsors: Jaynellen Wylie ( and Tamra Mothershed (

SOTA (Student Occupational Therapy Assistant) Club

This community service club is open to all students enrolled in the Occupational Therapy Assistant program, all students declaring OTA as their major and all OTA Program alumni. The purpose of this club is to unite the OTA students, future students, and alumni and broaden their intellectual and professional skills through community service projects.
Sponsor: Julie Green (

Stage Band

The smaller of two college bands, this band gives the student experience in popular music, jazz, and modern stage band literature. Enrollment is limited.
Sponsor: Dwaine Hubbard (

Student Government Association
Composed of elected students, this organization assists in planning and presenting student activities. It serves as a link between the student body, the administration, and the faculty. It is a voice for student rights and opinions on campus. The Student Government Association is a member of the Texas Junior College Student Government Association. In the past, Panola College has held responsible positions within this organization’s leadership.
Sponsor: Katy Chance (

Places and Events

Fitness Center

The Panola College Fitness Center is located on the first floor of the Charles C. Matthews Foundation Student Center and is open to the community through memberships that may be purchased through the Panola College Business Office in the Martha Miller Administration Building. Panola College Fitness Center Identification Cards are required for entry into the Fitness Center and may be obtained upstairs from the Student Success Center. The Fitness Center is available free-of-charge to all currently enrolled Panola College students with a student ID card.

The Fitness Center offers fully equipped weight rooms, a yoga/Pilates room, cardiovascular equipment, and a full-size gym floor. For more information including Fitness Center hours, visit

Food Service by Sodexo

At Panola College, Sodexo offers two on-campus dining options, the Café Panola and Charlie’s Bistro, for students, faculty, staff, and the community. If you’re looking for a dine-in experience, visit the Café Panola and enjoy a cafeteria full-service breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But if you’re looking to grab something to go or need a pick me up, try Charlie’s Bistro, now serving Starbucks.

Want to save some money on your meals, snacks, or beverages? Try purchasing Pony Bucks, a declining balance added right to your Panola College Student or Wallet ID Card that you can use in the Bistro or Panola Café. Also, the Panola Café offers discounts on meal plans for commuters and the community. For more discount information, visit our Panola Café in the Charles C. Matthews Foundation Student Center or contact Sodexo at 903-693-2020.

Intercollegiate Athletics

Panola College athletic teams are members of the National Junior College Athletic Association, Region XIV Athletic Conference, National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association and the NIRA Southern Region. In intercollegiate competition, Panola College participates in baseball, women’s/men’s basketball, volleyball, and women’s/men’s rodeo. The College began its athletic program in 1948 and strives to educate and develop student athletes. Panola College has earned national junior college championships in baseball, women’s basketball, and rodeo.

Panola College Store

The Panola College Store is designed to serve students, faculty, staff, and community members. In addition to textbooks and other school supplies, the Panola College Store carries office supplies and a variety of gifts and other items. Store hours are posted on-site and on their website, Textbooks are sold throughout the school year; however, textbook “buy-back” is conducted during designated times at the end of each semester (see College Store Return and Buy Back Policies ).

Social Events

Among the yearly social events are the Fall Frolic, Spring Fling, dances, movies, homecoming and field trips. Social events are also planned by the various clubs and organizations under faculty supervision and coordinated with the Student Services.