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2021 - 2022 Academic Catalog 
2021 - 2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The School of Nursing and Health Sciences

One of the goals of Panola College of School of Nursing and Health Sciences is to promote community engagement. Activities directed toward accomplishing this goal involve mutually beneficial collaboration with our partners in health care. Through these projects, faculty members and students engage in education to enable learning beyond the campus walls while providing direct benefit and service to the community. Our Simulation Labs provide state-of-the art learning opportunities for students. Preprogrammed scenarios allow students to practice providing realistic care without risk of harm to the patient. Scenarios also allow all students the opportunity to care for patients with high-acuity, low-frequency conditions for which they may not experience during clinicals. Scenarios enhance critical thinking skills and clinical judgment with facilitators to guide the learning experience and ensure students achieve learning objectives.

Clinical and fieldwork experiences are provided for students in partner facilities to ensure graduates are as prepared as possible for real-world practice in their chosen profession.


Kelly Reed-Hirsch
Health and Natural Science Building
Carthage, Texas
(903) 694-4022

Department of Nursing (ADN and VN)

Annissa Jackson, Chair

  • Pre-Bachelor of Science in Nursing (leading to BSN/RN)
  • Associate Degree Nursing leading to RN
    • Associate Degree Nursing Traditional 2-year track
    • LVN-RN 1-year Hybrid Transition Track
  • Vocational Nursing certificate leading to LVN

Department of Emergency Medical Technology

Vacant, Chair

  • Emergency Medical Technology, Basic
  • Emergency Medical Technology, Paramedic

Department of Health Information Technology

Lynn Hanson, Chair

  • Health Information Technology

Department of Medical Assistant

Lynn Hanson, Chair

  • Medical Assisting

Department of Medical Laboratory Technology

Jo Ellen Russell, Chair

  • Medical Laboratory Technology

Department of Occupational Therapy Assistant

Terrie King, Chair

  • Occupational Therapy Assistant


  • Kim Bishop
  • Sarah Chaput
  • Jo Lynn Field
  • Christine Gish
  • Julie Green
  • Lynn Hanson
  • Annissa Jackson
  • Kimberly Jones
  • Terrie King
  • Julie Leming
  • Lisa Miller
  • Jeffry Oney
  • Sharon Peace
  • Jo Ellen Russell
  • Chardé Salone
  • Donna Singleton
  • Joslyn Sullen
  • Rebecca Walker
  • Laura Witherspoon

Areas of Study

  • Nursing (leading to RN)
  • Nursing (leading to LVN)
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Health Information Technology
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Laboratory Technician
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant


The mission of the School Nursing and Health Sciences is to prepare graduates for health professions who will be competent, safe practitioners of their chosen field. Emphasis is placed on clinical problem solving, lifelong learning, competence, and practice within a legal/ethical framework.

School of Nursing & Health Sciences Objectives

  • To employ selective, competitive admissions processes
  • To provide curricula built on legal and ethical practices in healthcare
  • To prepare graduates for their respective careers and licensing exams

About the School of Nursing & Health Sciences

The School of Nursing and Health Sciences provides quality education and training for technicians and professionals across the healthcare spectrum. We develop programs to specifically meet the demands of the workforce in our area for skilled labor in healthcare jobs. We provide professional education for the Associate Degree in Nursing leading to the RN as well as vocational training with a certificate leading to the LVN. Associate degrees are offered for Occupational Therapy Assistants, Medical Assistants, Medical Laboratory Technicians and Health Information Technicians. Certificates are available in Emergency Medical Technology/Paramedic, Medical Assisting, and Health Information Technology. Additional programs and courses are taught through the continuing Education Division preparing students for the Certified Nurse Aide license, massage therapy license, and other healthcare jobs.

The School of Nursing and Health Sciences tailors education to meet the needs of the students for flexible scheduling by offering many courses online. For example, the ADN program has a flexible, hybrid track for LVNs with all classes online and face-to-face clinicals on weekends and evenings. The Medical Laboratory Technician degree is offered online with labs on occasional Saturdays throughout the program.

We invite you to a challenging and rewarding career in a Health Science field!

Associate Degree Nursing/Registered Nurse

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Other Programs

Emergency Medical Technologies

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Health Information Technology

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Licensed Vocational Nursing

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Medical Assistant

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Medical Laboratory Technology

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Occupational Therapy Assistant

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